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Fuel concern reported in Van Nuys, California - Million Air statementFuel concern reported in Van Nuys, California - Million Air statement

Re: 100LL avgas

Dear Valued Customer:

We have received a recent report from Van Nuys Flight Center ("VNFC") that indicated that very fine dirt particles were found in our 100LL avgas. We have drawn fuel samples from our fuel storage tank and refuelers for analysis by the Phillips 66 laboratory.

The attached letter from Phillips 66 reports indicates "that the fuel samples tested from the refueler trucks at Million Air Van Nuys are clean and acceptable for use in aircraft."

Field experience with the condition to date suggests that the existence of the particulate matter can be established by sumping the aircraft fuel system, allowing the sample to settle over 10 to 15 minutes and visual inspection. Observed very small black particles is evidence of the dirt. So far, VNFC, on their own initiative, and solely upon the advice by Lycoming (which we understand was based upon discussions and reports from VNFC) and prior to the Phillips 66 test results being completed, suggested the draining and flushing of the fuel tanks. The VNFC laboratory report also discussed a possible problem with an O-ring (in the aircraft reported as running rough) that exhibited swelling and deterioration by Airmotive Carburetor, which was then changed. The report from VNFC did not make any recommendations or any inferences that either the particles or replaced O-ring would have caused any safety or engine concerns.

Meanwhile, as a precautionary measure, we have cleaned our storage tank and trucks and have changed our (even though they were not yet required to be changed) one half micron filters.

Based upon the laboratory tests by Phillips 66 these particles do not pose any safety or engine concerns. However, you may want to inspect the fuel in your aircraft and make your own determination. The laboratory results from Phillips 66 are on file with us, and if you wish a copy please let us know.

Please contact Doug Butler at 818/994-4990 or Phillips 66 at 800/234-6603 if you need any further information.

Million Air Van Nuys

February 24, 2000

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