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No significant Y2K problems for GANo significant Y2K problems for GA

No significant Y2K problems for GA

General aviation has flown into 2000 without any big “bites” from the Y2K bug.

Throughout the critical rollover period, AOPA has been in contact with the FAA’s Y2K Command Center in Herndon, Virginia, and in touch with AOPA members across the country. No significant Y2K-related problems have been reported so far.

There was a minor problem discovered with the notam system. The computer that processes the FDC notams didn’t recognize the year 2000 date. However, the FAA attributed that to a software patch installed in 1990 and said the system didn’t recognize the decade change. The affected notams are being reissued as notams (D), so pilots are still obtaining the necessary information.

There was also a problem with state-owned ASOS systems in Iowa not reporting weather to the NWS network. That problem has been resolved. It’s not clear if it was Y2K-related.

If pilots encounter a major problem at any airport, they should report it immediately to a flight service station. Pilots are also requested to e-mail a copy of the report to AOPA at [email protected].

As always, pilots should still obtain complete briefing from flight service or DUATs and make sure to get all notams.

January 1, 2000

Topics: Pilots, Notams, FAA Information and Services

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