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Massachusetts tax relief for aircraft and parts: Your help is neededMassachusetts tax relief for aircraft and parts: Your help is needed

Massachusetts tax relief for aircraft and parts: Your help is needed

The issue: HB 4837, Aircraft and Parts Tax Relief Bill

The Massachusetts Legislature is considering an important bill that affects pilots, aircraft owners, FBOs, flight schools, aircraft maintenance/overhaul facilities, and airports throughout the commonwealth. The legislation provides tax relief for aircraft and parts sales. HB 4837 applies to all aircraft and is not weight limited. AOPA strongly supports this legislation and urges all Massachusetts pilots and aircraft owners to act now.

Why it's important

This legislation will provide Massachusetts aviation businesses and aircraft owners similar relief to that provided in adjoining states. Currently aircraft are sold or based in neighboring states because of taxes currently charged in Massachusetts. This means less business for the state's FBOs and airports. They lose the income provided by selling and supporting aircraft, thus they must spread their costs over fewer pilots and owners. For these businesses and airports to be viable, they must regain this lost business. Massachusetts owners and pilots will benefit from lower prices and better facilities.

What you should do

Pilots and owners are urged to contact and write the following legislators:

The Honorable Thomas M. Finneran, Speaker
House of Representatives
State House, Room 356
Boston, MA 02133

The Honorable William McManus II, Chairman
House Committee on Steering, Policy and Scheduling
State House, Room 174
Boston, MA 02133

The Honorable Joseph C. Sullivan, Chairman
Joint Committee on Transportation
State House, Room 443
Boston, MA 02133

Letters and faxes are most effective, but e-mail and phone contacts are useful too. Be sure that the first line of your letter clearly states that the letter is submitted in strong support of House Bill 4837. The bill number must be included. It is important to describe how the current tax affects you personally. You might point out how the tax affects your own ability to operate your aircraft in support of business and employment travel, or how the current tax drives owners to base their aircraft and buy maintenance services across the border, hurting businesses in Massachusetts. Describe how tax relief will help build strong businesses and airports in Massachusetts.

Send a copy to AOPA:

If you mail, fax, or e-mail your views on this issue to your elected officials, please do send a copy to:

AOPA State Legislative Affairs
421 Aviation Way
Frederick, MD 21701
Fax: 301/695-2214 .

July 17, 2000

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