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Manassas Regional/Harry P. Davis Field (HEF)Manassas Regional/Harry P. Davis Field (HEF)

Manassas Regional/Harry P. Davis Field (HEF) near Washington, D.C., is now allowing limited VFR operations despite the fact that the airport remains trapped underneath enhanced Class B airspace (ECB). The current ECB restrictions prohibit VFR operations, except for the purpose of flight instruction. However, AOPA has learned that at Manassas, local FAA air traffic authorities are allowing limited VFR operations, provided pilots comply with the following procedures:

Pilots must remain clear of the Class B airspace. Arrivals and departures are from/to the south. No operations are permitted east of Manassas. Pilots are required to squawk 1200 (or as directed by ATC).

Pilots are reminded that all other notam provisions are still in place.

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