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Garvey addresses AOPA membershipGarvey addresses AOPA membership

FAA Administrator Jane Garvey addressed the AOPA membership for the fifth time in as many years Thursday morning, but this year her tone was serious, underscoring the "changed world" that we now live in after September 11. "You are not the security risk," she told the packed general session at AOPA Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, via a satellite feed from Washington, D.C. Instead, she said the security concern is that someone could steal a small airplane and load it with explosives. "A plane flying overhead is no longer cause for wonder," she added. But she said that the FAA has been doing everything it can to return all of aviation back to normal, but there will be new security standards in the future. Garvey said that the FAA was getting ready to resume normal Class B operations early last week when the effort was stymied by the notam regarding flight near nuclear sites. Garvey credited AOPA for its efforts in getting information to pilots and for bringing its concerns to federal officials. "Never has there been a time when communication between the FAA and AOPA has been more important," Garvey said. AOPA President Phil Boyer presented Steve Brown, FAA associate administrator of air traffic services and former head of AOPA's government and technical affairs division, with a Presidential Citation for his "unwavering dedication" and support of GA. Brown owns a Cessna 150 that remains trapped in the Washington temporary flight restriction area.

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