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Hawker Horizon makes maiden flight
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Volume 3, Issue 33
August 17, 2001
GA News
Cirrus Design Corporation has called a shareholder meeting for next Tuesday to consider a funding package from an investment banking company. While declining to provide specifics, a company official did confirm to ePilot that such a deal would help the company manage its debt load by cleaning up the balance sheet. The money would also help the company become profitable. But the official did caution that Cirrus has been close to making other deals in the past, so there is no guarantee that this one will go through. The company currently has about 250 shareholders.

Luscombe Aircraft Corporation has begun hiring managers for its production of the 185-hp Luscombe 11-E tricycle-gear aircraft at its 125,000-square-foot facility in Altus, Oklahoma. The factory has 30 employees at present and will build six demonstrators by the end of the year. The aircraft will cost $155,900 when equipped for VFR flight. VFR certification is expected by the end of the year; IFR certification will be sought later. A prototype will be on display at AOPA Expo 2001 in November. For more, see the Web site.

Raytheon Aircraft's largest airplane, the new super-midsize Hawker Horizon, made its maiden flight Saturday. With Horizon chief test pilot Tom Carr at the controls, the business jet departed Wichita's Beech Field for a two-hour flight to evaluate the aircraft's flying qualities, engine operation, low-speed handling, and climb performance. The aircraft flew to 10,500 feet and operated at speeds up to 225 knots. An NBAA IFR range of 3,100 nm at Mach 0.82 is guaranteed for the Horizon, promising the ability to cross the United States nonstop against almost any wind. A maximum range of 3,400 nm provides transatlantic capability.

Photo of Bombadier Not to be outdone by Raytheon, Bombardier's new Continental business jet leaped from the tarmac Tuesday across town at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. During its two-hour maiden flight it reached an altitude of 17,500 feet and a speed of 210 knots. Like the Horizon, the aircraft is also designed for the super-midsize corporate category. As part of its flight test program for certification, test pilots will take the airplane to 45,000 feet and well beyond its Mach 0.83 maximum operating speed. So far, the company has 115 orders for the jet.

OurPlane USA is now offering shares of new aircraft made by Raytheon and Mooney. The program is similar to fractional ownership programs for jets. OurPlane handles the maintenance, fueling, cleaning, and storage of the aircraft. Starting next month, you can fly a new Beech Bonanza after buying a share for $80,000; shares in a Mooney Eagle II are $60,000. Other models will also be available. The Raytheon aircraft are being introduced in Van Nuys and Palo Alto, California; Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona; and Caldwell, New York. The Mooneys will initially be available in Northern California and the Chicago area. For more, see the Web site.

Lycoming now offers a two-year warranty on new reciprocating aircraft engine cylinders (except for the O-235 series). The warranty was made possible by a new process—several years in development—that eliminates hairline cracks caused by caustic stress corrosion during manufacturing. A patent is pending for the new chemical process.

For daily news updates, see AOPA Online.
Inside AOPA
The U.S. Customs Service has outlined plans to make the General Aviation Telephonic Entry (GATE) program permanent. The program, which AOPA has advocated since 1992, allows approved pilots and passengers flying from Canada to the United States to give Customs advance notice by calling a toll-free number (800/98-CLEAR) and obtaining a "telephonic entry number." With that, the pilot may fly directly to the approved U.S. airport of entry (frequently the pilot's home field), avoiding long delays for customs inspections. For more, see AOPA Online.

The FAA has proposed changes that would create a new subpart K under Part 91 for governing fractional ownership operations. (By definition, it does not include flying clubs or small aircraft partnerships/co-ownerships.) The overall intent of the proposal is to assure that fractional ownership programs operate at a level of safety equivalent to on-demand charter commercial operations. For the first time, the FAA could require an operations manual for Part 91 operators similar to that mandated for Part 135. AOPA believes that the proposed rule will not have an adverse effect on those who do not own or operate fractional aircraft. AOPA is concerned, however, about another part in the proposed rule change that uses questionable legal bases to deny Part 91 fractional operators the right to due process when appealing a suspension or revocation. See AOPA Online.

Two general aviation airports will continue to serve north-central Arizona, thanks to a successful campaign by the Arizona Pilots Association and AOPA. Responding to widespread support for the airports in the Prescott-Flagstaff area, the Yavapi County Board of Supervisors last week voted unanimously to reject a proposal to close Sedona and Cottonwood airports and build a regional airport at an undetermined location. For more, see AOPA Online.

AOPA this week told general aviation's story to people who can make a big difference: state legislators. AOPA took part in the annual three-day National Conference of State Legislators in San Antonio, Texas. The conference attracted some 7,500 lawmakers and their staff from across the nation. AOPA's impressive booth with the eye-catching headline, "Can you ignore $65 billion a year?" helped AOPA staff make the point that GA is vital to a state's economy. See AOPA Online.

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Airport Support Network
AOPA started the Airport Support Network to provide a coordinated effort to reduce antiairport sentiment. ASN volunteers keep AOPA headquarters abreast of political and public opinion developments that may affect their airports. They attend public meetings dealing with airport matters and report to AOPA on the proceedings. ASN volunteers help promote local airport activities to enhance the airport's public image. They also act as the AOPA liaison with local pilot associations, user groups, airport advisory commissions, and airport officials. Does this sound like something your airport has? If not, your airport needs an ASN volunteer. Below are just a few airports in your area where an ASN volunteer could make a difference.

To nominate a volunteer (which can be yourself), see AOPA Online.
Quiz Me!
Here’s a question asked by an AOPA member last week of our AOPA technical specialists. Test your knowledge.

Question: Going into Canada sounds so easy, but I have heard that when returning to the United States, you are required to stay in the aircraft until the Customs agent tells you to deplane. Is this true?

Answer: The responsibility of the aircraft commander is detailed in 19 CFR 122.36. If an aircraft lands in the United States and Customs officers have not arrived, the aircraft commander (you as PIC) shall hold the aircraft, and any merchandise or baggage on the aircraft for inspection. Passengers and crewmembers shall be kept in a separate place (the aircraft) until Customs officers authorize their departure (deplaning). Pilots are subject to a $5,000 fine for leaving the aircraft without authorization. See story above.

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AOPA Sweepstakes Bonanza Update
bonanza logoAir Mod is completely rebuilding the interior of the 2001 AOPA Sweepstakes Bonanza. See how this company is adding luxurious leather to the cabin in our latest project update. See AOPA Online.
Picture Perfect
It's back. The AOPA Online Gallery is up and running again for your viewing enjoyment. You can browse through hundreds of images representing the finest general aviation photography in the world. You can even download your favorite image and display it on your computer's desktop. It's free. Try it today. See AOPA Online.
On The Road To Expo
Don't miss AOPA Expo 2001, November 8 through 10, in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For complete information on this spectacular aviation event, see AOPA Online.
What's New At AOPA Online
Change notices for U.S. Terminal Procedures have been posted on AOPA Online.
ePilot Calendar
Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. Thunder Over the Heartland Airshow takes place August 24 through 26. Call 217/234-8720 for event information.

Sussex, New Jersey. Airshow 2001 takes place August 24 through 26 at Sussex Airport (NFW). Call 973/875-7337 for event information.

Duluth, Minnesota. Duluth Air and Aviation Expo takes place August 25 and 16 at Duluth International Airport (DLH). Call 218/628-9996 for event information.

For more airport details, see AOPA's Airport Directory Online . For more events, see Aviation Calendar of Events

The next AOPA ASF "Fuel Awareness" Safety Seminars are scheduled in Greenville, South Carolina, and Batavia, Illinois, August 20; Glenview, Illinois, and Columbia, South Carolina, August 21; Wilmington, North Carolina, and Rockford, Illinois, August 22; Peoria, Illinois, and Raleigh, North Carolina, August 23; and Flat Rock, North Carolina, August 24. See AOPA Online for more information.

(All clinics start at 7:30 a.m.)
The next AOPA Air Safety Foundation Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics are scheduled in Atlanta and Reston, Virginia, August 25 and 26. For the Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic schedule, see AOPA Online.

(Pinch-Hitter courses start at 9:30 a.m.)
The next Pinch-Hitter� Ground School will take place September 9 in Phoenix. For more Pinch-Hitter courses, see AOPA Online.

For comments on calendar items or to make submissions, contact Julie S. Walker at [email protected].

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