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Don't bust fire airspace, Forest Service says
Pilot to recreate Earhart flight
Northern Lights team lights the jets
AOPA study finds customer service lags
Volume 3, Issue 35
August 31, 2001
GA News
AOPA has launched a new Web-based tool to help pilots prepare to obtain their medical certificates. AOPA's TurboMedical® is the first of a series of intelligent online forms to come from AOPA. Pilots who use TurboMedical® will be less likely to experience medical-certificate delays or denials. The innovative online form "interviews" the pilot to ensure that all of the information on FAA Form 8500-8 (application for a pilot medical certificate or student pilot certificate) is filled out correctly. For more, see AOPA Online.

Government authorities are asking transient pilots to avoid airspace above forest fires burning in seven western states. Twenty-eight wildfires have been assigned temporary flight restriction (TFR) areas. The restricted areas are in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. During the past week, there have been two TFR violations per day by general aviation aircraft, one per day from aircraft assigned to aid in fire-fighting operations, and one per day by military aircraft. The highest single-incident total for GA aircraft this season was 12 intrusions during the Arthur Fire at the east gate of Yellowstone National Park. Pilots are advised to get briefings from flight service and to listen on the specified frequencies when published. For more, see the Web site.

Photo courtesy of and Xavier MealCarlene Mendieta departs next week on her mission to recreate Amelia Earhart's record-setting 1928 flight across America in a fully restored Avro Avian biplane. The 47-year-old California periodontist will take off on Wednesday, weather permitting, from Westchester County Airport in White Plains, New York, and stop at all the cities Earhart visited on her way to California. Mendieta will make the 5,500-mile roundtrip at an average airspeed of 71 knots. Interestingly, she has about the same flight time Earhart did before the flight—just under 300 hours. Everything will remain as authentic as possible. Mendieta will replicate Earhart's meals and clothing, and land on grass strips and small-town streets where possible. To follow the flight, see the Web site. Photo courtesy and Xavier Meal.

The Northern Lights recently became the first civilian four-ship jet team to perform over U.S. soil, according to the team. Its L-39 Albatross jets were among the featured acts at the recent Chicago Air and Water Show. The 2001 season marks the team's shift from piston Extra 300s to jets. "The transition to the L-39s required us to overcome significant financial, regulatory, and personnel issues," said team member Mario Hamel. See the Web site.

Four weeks after Diamond Aircraft started shipping the composite DA40 Diamond Star, the model received IFR certification. The 180-hp, four-seat airplane comes IFR-equipped with a choice of Bendix/King or Garmin avionics for $189,900. For more, see the Web site.

For daily news updates, see AOPA Online.
Squawk Sheet
The FAA is proposing an AD that would require the repetitive inspection of lower rudder hinge fittings for cracks and repair any cracks that are found on Socata airplanes. The AD would apply to TB models 9, 10, 20, 21, and 200 airplanes. To download a copy of the proposed AD, see AOPA Online.

The FAA on Wednesday issued the final AD on Bell 47 main rotor blade grips. The final AD requires an eddy current inspection of the suspect grips at 300-hour intervals. Although AOPA, other owners’ organizations, and aircraft type clubs advocated maintaining the grip’s original service life, the final AD requires a 1,200-hour service life. See AOPA Online.
Inside AOPA
A just-completed AOPA member survey has found that customer service in general aviation sales and maintenance does not yet meet the expectations of today's GA aircraft buyers, despite improvement efforts. AOPA President Phil Boyer reported the study's results on Tuesday to about 160 New Piper Aircraft dealers from around the world and other Piper employees attending The New Piper Mid-Year Dealer Meeting in Vero Beach, Florida. That venue was chosen to unveil the study in part because The New Piper Aircraft has launched an ambitious program to improve customer service. "The men and women who can afford to buy new GA aircraft are not your father's customers," Boyer said. "Upscale auto dealers caught on to the higher expectations of these new buyers several years ago, but many in the GA business have not. For those GA dealers and shops who haven't, it's time to wake up and smell the cappuccino." See AOPA Online.

The FAA has agreed to keep human weather observers in south-central Alaska. The agency responded to opposition from AOPA, the Alaska Airmen's Association, and the Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation. Last month, the FAA announced that it intended to do away with contract weather observers at Allen Army Airfield (Big Delta) and Gulkana airports. The FAA said automated surface observing systems (ASOS) at the two locations would provide adequate weather reporting, but Alaskan pilots knew better. The automated systems couldn't "see" the weather in nearby mountain passes, which are highly traveled VFR routes. See the Web site.

AOPA testified in favor of Meigs Field on Monday at a public meeting conducted by Illinois Gov. George Ryan. AOPA's position was presented by Bill Blake, AOPA Great Lakes regional representative. The hearing in Tinley Park, a few miles southwest of Chicago, attracted more than 1,000 people to comment on Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley's proposal to expand O'Hare International Airport. Daley also plans to close Meigs Field, an important GA reliever airport. See AOPA Online.

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Airport Support Network
AOPA started the Airport Support Network to provide a coordinated effort to reduce antiairport sentiment. ASN volunteers keep AOPA headquarters abreast of political and public opinion developments that may affect their airports. They attend public meetings dealing with airport matters and report to AOPA on the proceedings. ASN volunteers help promote local airport activities to enhance the airport's public image. They also act as the AOPA liaison with local pilot associations, user groups, airport advisory commissions, and airport officials. Does this sound like something your airport has? If not, your airport needs an ASN volunteer. Below are just a few airports in your area where an ASN volunteer could make a difference.

To nominate a volunteer (which can be yourself), see AOPA Online.
AOPA Air Safety Foundation News
The AOPA Air Safety Foundation's latest safety quiz is now online. Test your Beechcraft Bonanza/Debonair knowledge. See AOPA Online.
Quiz Me!
Here’s a question asked by an AOPA member last week of our AOPA technical specialists. Test your knowledge.

Question: On sectional charts, most VORs are accompanied by a compass rose; however, there are several that do not have compass roses. Why not?

Answer: According to the National Aeronautical Charting Office, the compass rose is sometimes eliminated on sectional charts to keep from further cluttering the depiction of very congested airspace.

Got a technical question for AOPA specialists? Call 800/872-2672 or e-mail to [email protected]. Send comments on our Quiz Me! questions to [email protected].
AOPA Sweepstakes Bonanza Update
bonanza logoThe interior work continues on the 2001 AOPA Sweepstakes Bonanza. Read the latest project update on the airplane that could be yours. See AOPA Online.
Coming Up In AOPA Pilot
Listen to the music the OMF Symphony makes in the air, get loopy in an altitude chamber, and learn the lessons of a newly minted instrument pilot in the October issue of AOPA Pilot. It will be mailed September 15.
Picture Perfect
Jump to the AOPA Online Gallery to see the featured airplane of the day. Click on the link for details on how to capture wallpaper for your work area. See AOPA Online Gallery.
On The Road To Expo
If you're planning on flying to AOPA Expo 2001, from November 8 through 10, in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida, don't forget to check the weather. South Florida weather graphics have been added to AOPA Online.
ePilot Calendar
Indianapolis, Indiana. The Indianapolis Airshow takes place September 7 through 9 at Mount Comfort Airport (MQJ). Call 317/862-1826 for event information.

Muskogee, Oklahoma. Air Show Oklahoma takes place September 7 through 9 at Davis Field (MKO). Call 580/481-6767 for event information.

Peachtree City, Georgia. Wings Over Dixie airshow takes place September 7 through 9 at Falcon Field (FFC). Call 770/251-2969 for event information.

Sioux City, Iowa. Siouxland's Air Show takes place September 8 and 9 at Sioux Gateway Airport (SUX). Call 712/233-0324 for event information.

For more airport details, see AOPA's Airport Directory Online . For more events, see Aviation Calendar of Events

(All clinics start at 7:30 a.m.)
The next AOPA Air Safety Foundation Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics are scheduled in Sacramento, California, and Richmond, Virginia, September 15 and 16. For the Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic schedule, see AOPA Online.

(Pinch-Hitter courses start at 9:30 a.m.)
The next Pinch-Hitter� Ground School will take place September 16 in Richmond, Virginia. For more Pinch-Hitter courses, see AOPA Online.

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