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How to obtain an operations waiver from the TSAHow to obtain an operations waiver from the TSA

How to obtain an operations waiver from the TSA

General aviation airspace waivers are available online from TSA.

According to the TSA Web site, the TSA office of Airspace Waivers manages the process and assists with the review of general aviation aircraft operators who request to enter areas of restricted airspace. Applicants must provide last name, first name, social security number, date of birth and place of birth. For applications for aircraft operating into, out of, within or overflying the United States, the waiver review process includes an evaluation of the aircraft, crew, passengers, and purpose of flight. The office then reviews the application and provides a recommendation of approval or denial to the FAA Office of Air Traffic Services. All waivers require five to seven days for processing.

The responsibility for managing the waiver process is shared by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The FAA asserts the safety provisions of the process while TSA manages the security portion of the process. These agencies work together to ensure the security of aircraft conducting operations within restricted areas. These areas are in place to mitigate the threat of an airborne attack against key assets and critical infrastructure on the ground.

Notam 8/3576 is effective  for TSA waiver requirements for all aircraft under 100,309 pounds, and the waiver is no longer required as long as the notam requirements are met and complied with. TSA waivers are still required and mandatory for all international flights for aircraft not equipped with a transponder.

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