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AOPA turns up the heat in the national mediaAOPA turns up the heat in the national media

AOPA's extensive media efforts have appeared in national news media this week. For example, the Wall Street Journal today reported on AOPA's lobbying efforts to free the GA 41,000. The story quoted Phil Boyer saying, "If we know what NSC's thinking is, we can help come up with a solution," referring to AOPA's request that Congress intervene with the National Security Council so that reasonable procedures can be crafted to allow general aviation to fly again in Class B airspace.

And AOPA's efforts were prominent in USA Today. Boyer answered an editorial on general aviation security, pointing out that general aviation poses a small risk and urging a reasoned response to new security requirements. In the "Money" section of the paper, an AOPA-influenced article detailed the impact of the current restrictions on general aviation.

In the influential Washington Post (read by decision-makers in Washington) a story today also details the impact on GA, while a story last Thursday talked about aircraft trapped inside the Class B and the effects on flight instruction. The New York Times this weekend explains enhanced Class B airspace and pointed out that student pilots could fly solo VFR in that airspace, but that certificated pilots could not. The paper wrote, "The president of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Phil Boyer, called the new set of rules 'lunacy.'"


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