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Pilots deluge CongressPilots deluge Congress

Pilots are giving Congress an earful about freeing the GA 41,000. This morning, AOPA members found a special ePilot Special Legislative Alert in their in-boxes, urging them to call their senators and congressmen. By 12 p.m. ET, more than 7,000 pilots had "clicked through" to find the telephone numbers for their representatives. And the phones are ringing off the hooks on Capitol Hill. "What the heck have you guys done?" said one beleaguered congressional staffer to an AOPA legislative affairs staff member. An AOPA member reported that he called his senator first thing this morning and was told he was the thirtieth call already.

And this will make a difference. One AOPA member e-mailed Phil Boyer saying, "I am but a private pilot, and my voice is probably not very loud." To which Boyer replied, "But that's what AOPA is all about. Individually, none of us have a very loud voice—collectively, we become many voices, with the ability to bring about needed change."


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