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AOPA President Boyer: It's now time for member action!AOPA President Boyer: It's now time for member action!

<BR><SPAN class=twodeck>Call your senators and congressman now!</SPAN><BR><SPAN class=twodeck>Call your senators and congressman now!</SPAN>

AOPA is urging all pilots to take action to help restore VFR flight in Class B airspace.

"We've been able to restore almost all general aviation flying by working through FAA and the Department of Transportation," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "Now it's time to turn to Congress because the FAA has not been able to get relief for these 30 geographic regions, our major cities. The grass-roots level will get us to the decision makers and allow us to proactively offer solutions to the National Security Council that will allow VFR pilots to return to the Class B skies."

Pilots should call their U.S. senators and congressman on Tuesday to ask for their help in restoring flight privileges. Specifically, pilots should ask their representatives to help arrange a meeting between the National Security Council and AOPA (and other general aviation organizations) to discuss procedures that will allow reasonable VFR access to Class B airspace while addressing security and air traffic control concerns.

For the first time in history, AOPA is e-mailing an AOPA Legislative Alert to members, providing the information they need to call Congress. And this is only the fourth time in the past 11 years that AOPA has asked all members to contact legislators.

"A phone call makes a much greater impact on Congress," said Boyer. "A personal call from a voter is the most effective method of influencing a member of Congress. And the sheer number of calls will make it clear just how important this issue is to pilots."

Boyer, along with AOPA's Washington-based legislative affairs staff, will be meeting with key members of Congress on Wednesday and Thursday. Pilot action tomorrow will help sensitize Congress to the issue.

For more information on contacting Congress, see the AOPA Legislative Alert.


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