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ASF, MBNA America Bank partner for GA safetyASF, MBNA America Bank partner for GA safety

MBNA America Bank presented a $25,000 check to the Air Safety Foundation March 6, supporting ASF's "Partnering with Corporate America" program. The gift will help ASF continue its free safety seminars available to all pilots and supports Project V (for video), ASF's innovative program that sends safety videotapes to new private and instrument-rated pilots.

"MBNA America Bank sincerely believes in the value of general aviation, and this gift shows its dedication to the cause of GA safety," said Robert J. Milanchus, ASF vice president for development. "MBNA is a leader in ASF's campaign to secure corporate support for ASF safety programs."

The gift places MBNA America Bank at the "Gold Level" of corporate sponsorship of ASF aviation safety programs. ASF Executive Director Bruce Landsberg accepted the check at ASF's Frederick, Maryland, headquarters.


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