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FAA warns Oceanside, CaliforniaFAA warns Oceanside, California

The FAA has warned the city of Oceanside, California, not to implement Draconian restrictions on the use of the airport. That follows a direct request from AOPA for the agency to intervene. The city council had enacted a curfew, prohibited touch-and-go landings, and demanded that aircraft owners paint a city registration number on the underside of their wings. AOPA fired off a series of protests and contacted the FAA (see "AOPA and Oceanside, California, lock horns again"). Now the Airports Division of the FAA's Western-Pacific Region has told the city that it is required to "operate the airport for the use and benefit of the public and make it available to all types, kinds and classes of aeronautical activity on reasonable terms, without unjust discrimination" because the city had received federal grants. The FAA said it was taking further action to determine if the city is in compliance with various federal laws and agreements. The FAA suggested that the city "not enforce the restrictions in any form...refrain from implementing any new restrictions or taking any additional steps that would deteriorate this matter further."


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