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New Catastrophe Major Medical plan expands benefitsNew Catastrophe Major Medical plan expands benefits

A new Catastrophe Major Medical plan now available for AOPA members provides double the benefit of the current Excess Major Medical plan. [ Note: This program is no longer available.]

"The cost of a serious illness or accident today is often far beyond benefits provided by the average medical insurance policy," said Karen Detert, AOPA senior vice president for products and services. "This new Catastrophe Major Medical plan helps protect you when your basic health insurance benefits have been exhausted."

The new plan, administered by Seabury and Smith, replaces AOPA's existing Excess Major Medical plan and doubles to $2 million the lifetime maximum payable. It provides supplemental coverage for health maintenance organization (HMO) plans, preferred provider organizations (PPO) plans, or any other health insurance plan.

"Most importantly, you retain freedom of choice," said Detert. "Unlike other plans, AOPA's new Catastrophe Major Medical Plan allows you to choose your own doctor, hospital, or clinic rather than having the insurance company pick for you."

The new plan also expands options for convalescent home and home health care coverage, neither of which is usually covered by Medicare or basic health insurance.

The AOPA Catastrophe Major Medical Plan is another AOPA Certified service that returns a small portion of premiums to AOPA to help keep general aviation strong and support member programs.


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