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FAA waiver process for emergency air traffic rulesFAA waiver process for emergency air traffic rules

The FAA has established a process for Part 91 general aviation operators to petition for waiver from recent emergency air traffic rules that restrict operations in the National Airspace System. Approval is granted on a case-by-case basis for relief from FDC notams 01/0613, 01/0617, and 01/0628. These notams establish emergency rules for IFR and VFR operations—including enhanced Class B airspace specialty operations—and international arrivals and departures.

The FAA requires seven working days notice for waiver consideration. The waiver request form must be filled out completely. Failure to provide all of the required information will result in a denial of the request. Operators should fax the completed form to the FAA at 202/267-5456. If the request is granted, the approval letter will be faxed to the number provided in your waiver request form.

AOPA has learned that the FAA is processing an average of 50 waiver requests a day, and over 1,000 waivers have been granted since the tragedy on September 11. Commenting on the waiver process, AOPA President Phil Boyer said, "While it is helpful the FAA has allowed waivers in some unique circumstances, reopening of the airspace for all general aviation operations continues to be the goal of the association."

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