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Illinois governor to lobby to save MeigsIllinois governor to lobby to save Meigs

Illinois Governor George Ryan says he's going to lobby Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to keep Meigs Field open. Today's >Chicago Sun-Times quotes Ryan saying, "It's time to start thinking about Meigs Field.... [It] should be part of a master plan for air transportation. Meigs Field is an important part of that plan." Ryan said he was responding to increased lobbying efforts from business interests to try to get Daley to relent and let Meigs stay open past the scheduled closing date of February next year. The article also notes that AOPA ran pro-Meigs TV commercials last month in the Illinois capital and quotes AOPA President Phil Boyer saying, "Chicago is the poster child for the nation in airline delays. How can a community consider closing any runway in the area in this time? The cry is: Let's build more runways."


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