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New York, Washington aircraft relocation plan approvedNew York, Washington aircraft relocation plan approved

The plan to relocate aircraft from inside the Washington and New York restricted areas has been approved. Beginning October 5 and running through October 9, various "windows" will be opened to allow aircraft owners to move their aircraft to airports outside the restricted areas. Except for these relocation windows, Part 91 general aviation operations remain prohibited within 25 nautical miles of the DCA and JFK VORs. The relocation procedures are available on AOPA Online, and AOPA is e-mailing a special ePilot to pilots within the affected areas to advise them of the relocation. The FAA is planning to publish a "pilot friendly" version of these procedures on Thursday. AOPA will post that as soon as it is available. AOPA will also develop a "frequently asked questions" list to help explain the procedures.

Meanwhile, the National Security Council has yet to approve the FAA's plan to allow some general aviation operations within the 18 to 25 nautical miles of the DCA and JFK VORs. The Washington and New York "no fly" zones encompass some 23 airports. More than 1,800 aircraft are based inside the restricted areas.


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