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Techs examine 'missing link' in Wright engine line
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AOPA comments on proposed RNAV requirement
McCain again seeks ATC privatization
Volume 3, Issue 19
May 11, 2001
GA News
PZL International's Koliber 160A, a four-seat, all-metal monoplane, has received FAA type certification. The airplane is the upgraded version of the Koliber 150A, which first arrived in the United States in the mid-1990s. Powered by a 160-hp Lycoming O-320-D2A engine, it's designed to provide good short-field performance. With Garmin VFR avionics, it retails for $125,000. It was initially certified in Europe. PZL is also in the process of gaining FAA certification for the more powerful and robust Wilga 2000 that carries a $175,000 price tag. For more information, e-mail or call 505/525-0500.

Technicians are carefully examining a 97-year-old engine built by the Wright brothers to learn how they developed aircraft propulsion systems. The Wright engine No. 3 is considered, by at least one expert, the missing link in how the brothers developed the horizontal and vertical engines. The No. 3 engine is only one of three horizontal engines that the brothers built. It powered their first four flights. Members of the Discovery Flight Foundation and The Wright Experience are taking the engine apart to document, clean, and preserve it. They will also be taking digital images and making blueprint drawings so that future generations can learn from it. The engine is on loan from the Engineers Club of Dayton. For more, see the Web site.

U.S. Aerobatic Team member Kirby Chambliss will have something new to show off at the World Air Games next month. The new Zivko Edge 540A has a larger rudder and elevator. It is said to be able perform maneuvers that pilots in stock aircraft can only dream about. Chambliss will fly the aircraft in the event, June 19 through July 1, in Burgos, Spain. For more, see the Web site.

Have you ever made an emergency landing? If so, Celeste Mayer, a commercial pilot and CFI--and a human factors psychology student at North Carolina State University--would like your help. Mayer is researching visual factors that may affect the outcome of emergency landings for GA pilots. Her research is funded by a NASA grant. Any pilot who has made an emergency or precautionary landing is invited to participate in the online survey. For more information or to complete the questionnaire, see the Web.

CLARIFICATION: The story in last week's ePilot on Polly Vacher's around-the-world flight contained a misleading statement regarding a "record" attempt. The Federation Aeronautique Internationale, the repository of aviation records, does not recognize records for circumnavigation flights by solo pilots or those based on the pilot's gender.

For daily news updates, see AOPA Online.

Inside AOPA
As the FAA works to solve the airline delay and congestion problem, AOPA is working to make sure that the solutions don't harm general aviation. The FAA has just rolled out its Operational Evolution Plan (OEP), a 10-year "blueprint" for improving safety, increasing capacity, and managing delays. Part of the OEP calls for "preferential" treatment of RNAV-equipped aircraft in Class B airspace. AOPA told the FAA that preference should only be applied to operations to the primary airport. GA aircraft operating at reliever airports inside the Class B should still receive equal treatment, whether they are RNAV-equipped or not. In a letter to FAA Administrator Jane Garvey, AOPA President Phil Boyer said that any RNAV requirement must be "benefits driven and phased in on a realistic timeline…. Access to general aviation airports in the area must not be adversely affected."

AOPA supported a Chicago Tribune editorial that said the closing of Meigs Field would increase congestion at Chicago's O'Hare International and Midway airports. In a letter to the editor, AOPA President Phil Boyer pointed out that Meigs is part of a national transportation system providing access to Chicago from across the nation. He noted that closing Meigs would be like closing the interstate highway off-ramp to downtown Chicago. AOPA also said that Meigs is an important reliever airport, designed to reduce congestion at the hub airports. Under an agreement between Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and the State of Illinois, Meigs is scheduled to close next February. AOPA is pursuing several strategies to convince Chicago to keep the lakeside airport open. To view the letter, see AOPA Online.

AOPA's longtime Northwest regional representative, Ray Costello, was honored recently with a special Distinguished Service award during the annual meeting of the AOPA Board of Trustees. Costello is retiring after 16 years of representing AOPA in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. AOPA President Phil Boyer, who made the presentation in the AOPA Founder's Room at the Philadelphia Aviation Country Club at Wings Field–where AOPA was founded in 1939–cited Costello for his "outstanding commitment to excellence in public service." Costello is credited with numerous victories for general aviation, including influencing the creation of an independent Department of Aeronautics in Oregon, and working to unite various aviation organizations in Alaska to be more effective GA advocates.

AOPA is pushing for low-cost remote radar displays for controllers at VFR towers. The NTSB recommended that the FAA install remote terminal radar displays at all towered airports where radar coverage exists at traffic pattern altitudes. (At many towers at reliever and GA airports, controllers can only track aircraft visually.) AOPA has already made that request to the FAA and Congress. See AOPA Online.

FAA Administrator Jane Garvey will speak at AOPA Expo 2001 during the "Meet the FAA Administrator" session at 9 a.m. on the opening day. Expo takes place November 8 through 10, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. See AOPA Online or call 888/GO-2-EXPO.

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On Capitol Hill
The House and Senate approved this week a budget resolution for the next fiscal year that, while nonbinding, serves as the blueprint for tax and spending legislation that will be developed between now and the start of the fiscal year on October 1. The Senate was also expected to approve it this week. It is unclear what will happen to aviation spending should funding for other priorities, such as education and defense, fall short of the amounts necessary for gaining the support of congressional majorities. AOPA will continue to closely monitor the situation as Congress begins writing the annual funding bills. For more Capitol Hill news, see AOPA Online.

Arizona Sen. John McCain is calling once again for a privatized ATC corporation funded by user fees. In an essay in Wednesday's The Hill newspaper, dedicated to transportation issues, McCain wrote that the current ATC system "has become a constraint on the growth of aviation…. It may be that ATC can best be provided by a corporate entity that is outside the normal government structure and funded directly by a bondable stream of fees and charges for ATC services." He also stated that he supports an exemption for "recreational general aviation" from such fees and charges. McCain intends to schedule a Commerce Committee hearing to explore the issue. McCain's views were not supported by other key aviation leaders who were more in sync with AOPA's views of modernizing the current ATC system and the need for more runways. See the Web.
Airport Support Network
In less than a month as an Airport Support Network volunteer at Michael J. Smith Field (MRH) in Beaufort, North Carolina, John Knapp has already wracked up a list of accomplishments. Knapp published a letter in the local paper, opposing the annexation of the airport property by the city; sent out a news release promoting an annual airport appreciation day; took a local reporter and pilot flying for an article they were working on; organized members of the Carteret County Aviation Association for a letter-writing campaign to counter antiairport letters in the press; and met with the Carteret County Chamber of Commerce to discuss ways to improve the airport's visibility and perception, including the use of AOPA's Fly-a-Leader/Teacher/Reporter programs.

To learn more about the Airport Support Network, visit AOPA Online.
AOPA Air Safety Foundation News
More than a dozen aviation safety and education seminars will highlight the eleventh annual AOPA Fly-In and Open House. Topics include single-pilot IFR, collision avoidance, and runway incursions. Most of the seminars will be taught by AOPA Air Safety Foundation staff members and qualify as the ground instruction requirement for the FAA's "Wings" program. The fly-in takes place Saturday, June 2, at AOPA headquarters in Frederick, Maryland. For more, see AOPA Online.
Quiz Me!
Here’s a question asked by an AOPA member last week of our AOPA technical specialists. Test your knowledge.

Question: What are the requirements to become an FAA designated examiner?

Answer: To find out what it takes to qualify, you can download the document from the FAA's Web site. An application is available elsewhere on the site. Successful applicants are graded for qualification and put in an examiner pool that the FAA can draw upon in your FSDO's jurisdiction if the need arises.

Got a technical question for AOPA specialists? Call 800/872-2672 or e-mail to [email protected]. Send comments on our Quiz Me! questions to [email protected].
AOPA Sweepstakes Bonanza Update
bonanza logo Even the compass is high-tech in the 2001 AOPA Sweepstakes Bonanza. Check out AOPA Online for the latest on the technological odyssey turning it into a mind-blowing cross-country machine. See AOPA Online.
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Fly the new turbocharged and improved Cessna T182T, check out the inexpensive yet classy Temco Swift, and take an Arctic journey in the June issue of AOPA Pilot. It will be mailed May 19.
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ePilot Calendar
Hayward, California. The thirty-seventh annual Hayward to Laughlin Proficiency Race takes place May 18. Hayward Executive Airport (HWD) to Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport (IFP). Call 408/557-0228 for event information.

Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston Air Force Base hosts Charleston Air Expo 2001 May 19. Call 843/963-5656 for event information.

Denton, Texas. The Denton Air Fair takes place at Denton Municipal Airport (DTO) May 19. Call 940/484-1603 for event information.

Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. Joint Services Open House takes place May 19 and 20. Call 301/981-4089 for event information.

Beaumont, Texas. The Southeast Texas Airshow 2001 takes place May 19 and 20 at Southeast Texas Regional Airport (BPT). Call 409/983-5973 for event information.

Webster City, Iowa. The Annual Iowa Central Flight Airshow takes place May 20 at Webster City Municipal (EBS). Call 515/832-3723 for event information.

For more airport details, see AOPA's Airport Directory Online . For more events, see Aviation Calendar of Events

Frederick, Maryland. The eleventh annual AOPA Fly-In and Open House will take place June 2, 2001 at AOPA headquarters.

(All clinics start at 7:30 a.m.)
The next AOPA Air Safety Foundation Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics are scheduled in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Baltimore; Kansas City, Missouri; and Houston, May 19 and 20. For the Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic schedule, see AOPA Online.

(Pinch-Hitter courses start at 9:30 a.m.)
The next Pinch-Hitter(R) Ground School will take place June 10 in San Jose, California. For more Pinch-Hitter courses, see AOPA Online.

For comments on calendar items or to make submissions, contact Julie S. Walker at [email protected].

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Got news tips? Contact ePilot editor Nathan A. Ferguson at [email protected] Having difficulty using this service? Visit the ePilot Frequently Asked Questions now at AOPA Online or write to [email protected].

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