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Teterboro Airport open to VFR trafficTeterboro Airport open to VFR traffic

Continuing the FAA's trial program of using waivers to permit VFR flying, AOPA is pleased to announce that Teterboro Airport (TEB) can now be added to the list of New York airports open for VFR operations. Similar to other New York airports recently opened to VFR flights in the enhanced Class B airspace surrounding the city, the following restrictions apply:

  • Arrival and departure, at or below 1,000 feet agl, only inbound and outbound from the quadrant west to north of TEB, including traffic pattern.
  • Closed traffic (i.e., staying in the pattern), which includes pattern work (touch and go, stop and go, or low approach) for the purposes of training and proficiency.

Additionally, pilots must note that these operations are subject to the following conditions:

  • This waiver is only valid during the normal hours of operation for the air traffic control tower;
  • All Part 91 VFR aircraft shall maintain two-way radio contact with ATC during these operations while within 25 DME from the JFK VOR;
  • All aircraft must utilize a discrete transponder code assigned by Teterboro Tower, with operating Mode C, at all times (including pattern work) while operating within 25 DME from the JFK VOR.

Earlier in the week, VFR operations were restored, with restrictions, at Republic (FRG), Morristown (MMU), Caldwell (CDW), Lincoln Park (N07), and Westchester County (HPN) airports.

"We are hopeful that the use of waivers will ultimately lead to a more permanent lifting of the flight restriction," Phil Boyer said in response to the FAA's recent action.

Pilots are strongly encouraged to contact flight service prior to conducting each flight operation.

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