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Seminars to highlight AOPA Fly-In and Open House June 2Seminars to highlight AOPA Fly-In and Open House June 2

More than a dozen aviation safety and education seminars will highlight the eleventh annual AOPA Fly-In and Open House at the Frederick, Maryland, Municipal Airport on Saturday, June 2.

The annual AOPA Fly-In, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. that Saturday, is expected to attract some 7,000 participants and more than 700 aircraft. A temporary control tower will be in operation from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Special procedures for those arriving by aircraft are available online.

Most seminars will be conducted by staff members of the AOPA Air Safety Foundation and qualify as the ground instruction requirement for the FAA "Wings" proficiency program. Among the seminars slated for the morning are:

Collision Avoidance, a fast-paced ASF program focused on preventing an aviator's worst nightmare. This seminar teaches ways to locate and track traffic, use of cockpit resource management for effective collision avoidance, and tips on coping with aerial distractions.

Defensive Flying, with noted aviation educator Rod Machado. With gentle humor and pointed examples, Machado teaches ways to recognize personal limitations, identify physiological predators, and avoid underestimating the enemy.

Protecting Your Medical Certification. Avoiding delays or possible denial of a medical certificate starts with preexamination preparation. The AOPA medical certification staff presents ways to help avoid unpleasant surprises when the time comes to obtain or renew your FAA medical certificate.

Single-Pilot IFR. Considered by many the most challenging aspect of flying, single-pilot IFR can be both exhilarating and safe. ASF Vice President for Operations John Steuernagle shows how with vivid examples. (Also presented once in the afternoon).

Runway Incursions. Even in relatively low-volume Class D airspace, runway incursions represent potential for disaster. This ASF staff presentation includes suggestions to minimize hazards involved with runway incursions.

Seminars scheduled for the afternoon of the eleventh annual AOPA Fly-In include:

Ask the Lawyers, conducted by Yodice and Associates, AOPA's legal counsel. True-life stories of pilots who ran afoul of the FAA's enforcement system, and what you can do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

GPS for VFR Operations, including tips for taking best advantage of the marvelous technology that allows pinpoint navigation. ASF staff will also point out the pitfalls that await pilots who rely on GPS guidance without cross-checking the information.

Aeronautical Decision-Making for Private Pilots, a special presentation by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Associate Professor Thomas Kirton. It includes a review of the decision-making process, the five risk elements, and how pilots can assess risk and hazardous attitudes. Also included is help with stress recognition and management.

Cockpit Companion, an up close and personal look at techniques of crew resource management by a former commander of National Weather Service aircraft. This ASF presentation emphasizes use of the nonpilot right-seat companion for safer flight.

Airspace Refresher, an ASF program that is guaranteed to improve your knowledge of air traffic control procedures and boost confidence as you navigate in and around U.S. airspace.

Hangar Flying 2001 with Rod Machado. Noted aviation educator and humorist Rod Machado mixes humor, education, and fun in this session that includes interesting and unusual tales of life in the cockpit of GA aircraft.

Other seminars at this year's AOPA Fly-In will include updates on AOPA's rapidly growing Airport Support Network program, an inside look at how volunteers help others by flying for volunteer pilot organizations, and two seminars on purchasing and maintaining an aircraft.

All seminars are free and open to all AOPA Fly-In participants. The AOPA Fly-In, first held in 1990, was designed to allow AOPA members to visit their association on a weekend and talk with AOPA staff about issues of concern or other aviation topics.

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