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IAOPA members pledge solidarity with AOPA-USAIAOPA members pledge solidarity with AOPA-USA

AOPA-USA is receiving messages of sympathy and solidarity from other AOPAs, members of the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations (IAOPA), in many countries over the terrorist attack on the United States. The president of AOPA Switzerland, Ruedi Gerber, e-mailed president Phil Boyer to pledge "our support for all the efforts to cope with the consequences of a few apocalyptic hours and to stop the madness of worldwide terrorism."

AOPA-France President Helene Frankel said the terrorists struck the United States "because it is the first power in the world, but each country feels affected.... We all feel [that we are] behind the American people...."

AOPA-Russia's chairman, Leonid Koshelev, and its director, Alexander Kranyanski, e-mailed Boyer "to communicate to all your members our deepest sympathy." They assured him "of our will to be together with you to combat the evil of terrorism, be it on national or global scale."

From our neighbor to the north, Canadian Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association President Ken Psutka wrote, "As the horror of the attacks settles in and the authorities react, we realize that the world will be a very different place from this point. Our countries are connected in this tragedy, not only because of the restrictions placed on our members, but also because Canadian citizens were on the aircraft and most certainly were in the buildings. As our governments try to get our very important air transportation system back up to speed, we need to work together to ensure that the authorities do not forget the many GA pilots and passengers trapped on both sides of the border, who need more than ever to return to their families as soon as possible."

And from Spain, "These few words can't begin to express the desolation felt by AOPA-Spain and its Board of Directors for the tragedy that has occurred in your country. Please accept our deepest feelings and extend them to all our friends in IAOPA and AOPA-USA."


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