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AOPA asks Congress to help flight schools and FBOsAOPA asks Congress to help flight schools and FBOs

Today AOPA President Phil Boyer asked the aviation leadership of Congress to add to pending legislation to bail out the commercial airlines provisions addressing the ongoing plight of GA flight schools and businesses. Said Boyer, "Without this assistance for important general aviation businesses, the long-term future of all of general aviation operations is at risk. The people running these businesses are on the front lines of a uniquely American dream—earning their living through flight. They in turn pass that dream along to the next generation. If we let these people lose their dream then the terrorists have already won at least one small battle."

Boyer will be testifying before Congress next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, AOPA's Washington-based Legislative Affairs staff is in daily contact with key congressional leaders and staff.

On a related note, during a joint hearing of the House and Senate Appropriations Committee today, FAA Administrator Garvey committed to acting on the situation, saying that, in response to a question posed by AOPA supporter Todd Tiahrt (R-Kansas), she "knows it's a real issue not only for your state, but other states as well."


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