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New TFR prohibits flight above sporting events, other open-air assembliesNew TFR prohibits flight above sporting events, other open-air assemblies

The FAA has issued a new temporary flight restriction (TFR) prohibiting flight below 3,000 feet above ground level within a three-nautical-mile radius of "any major professional or collegiate sporting event or any other major open air assembly of people." The FAA says the National Security Council insisted on this restriction.

"We understand the continuing security concerns," said AOPA President Boyer, "and considering the spectacular nature of some of these events, the intent of the notam is clear.

"But it also places an extraordinary responsibility on pilots to determine when and where events are taking place. We don't think that is reasonable. We're working with the FAA right now to come up with something pilots can reasonably comply with.

"In the meantime, pilots should comply with the intent of the restriction. Unless you are being directed by air traffic control, don't fly near stadiums and other places were large numbers of people might be gathering."


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