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Summary of current flight restrictionsSummary of current flight restrictions

Since the tragic events of September 11, the status of our National Airspace System has been changing almost hourly as national security officials, the Department of Transportation, and the FAA attempt to restore the national transportation system while maintaining national security. Below is a summary of the current status, with links to more information:

  • VFR flight is permitted, except in enhanced Class B airspace.
  • VFR flight training is prohibited, except in Alaska and Hawaii. There is no limitation on simulator training.
  • Numerous TFRs (temporary flight restrictions) are in place, including a "blanket" TFR over sporting events and open-air assemblies.
  • Aircraft inside the 30 enhanced Class B airspace may not depart VFR.
  • IFR operations are permitted with restrictions, except through TFRs.
  • No Part 91 general aviation operations are permitted within 25 nm of the DCA and JFK VORs.


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