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FAA priorities are restoring some flight training, moving trapped aircraftFAA priorities are restoring some flight training, moving trapped aircraft

Through AOPA's extensive contacts throughout all levels of the FAA, AOPA is learning the details of the agency's plan to restore VFR flight privileges. It appears that the FAA's first priority is to restore some flight training activities. A notam on that is expected as early as this afternoon. Next the agency will develop procedures to allow general aviation aircraft trapped inside the Washington and New York TFRs, and VFR aircraft inside enhanced Class B airspace, to move out. Those notams may be issued sometime this weekend.

AOPA has supplied the FAA with critical information on the numbers and size of aircraft currently trapped within all the enhanced Class B areas. AOPA's vice president of air traffic services is stationed inside FAA headquarters for instant communication with top FAA officials.


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