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Freeing the GA 41,000 still top priorityFreeing the GA 41,000 still top priority

Freeing the GA 41,000 aircraft located at airports in the enhanced Class B airspace is the top priority for AOPA. AOPA's vice president for air traffic services, who is virtually living at FAA headquarters, is keeping the issue on the front burner with FAA officials. Other senior AOPA officials are also constantly in contact with FAA decision makers. Meanwhile, AOPA's legislative staff is working with members of Congress and their staffs to get relief for the aircraft owners trapped within the 30 enhanced Class B airspace areas and the Washington, D.C., and New York restricted areas.

For nearly two weeks, the FAA has been developing a plan for relocating the 1,800 trapped aircraft from the New York and Washington TFR areas. A draft of this plan has been sent to some airports and flight service stations. However, the plan has not yet been approved by FAA headquarters or by the National Security Council. An emerging concern is the intent of these relocation efforts that are being referred to as "flushes" within the FAA and what they may mean to the future availability of these airports.

In fairness to the FAA, the national security officials make the ultimate decisions. That was pointedly illustrated this morning when Secretary of Transportation Norm Mineta told reporters that he thought Reagan National Airport (DCA) should reopen, but he had to answer to higher authority.


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