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Reduction of P-40 TFR good news for Maryland pilotsReduction of P-40 TFR good news for Maryland pilots

The temporary flight restriction area (TFR) surrounding the Camp David presidential retreat, in effect since September 11, has been reduced from an eight- to a five-nautical-mile radius. However, this TFR still makes the effective size of prohibited area P-40 still larger than what is depicted on aeronautical charts. AOPA has been urging the FAA and Secret Service to reduce the TFR and provide relief for local airports. The Camp David TFR is one of 18 national security-related TFRs that continue to impact general aviation. AOPA continues to work with security officials to determine if any can be reduced or eliminated.

The reduction in size not only provides relief to pilots using the Mid-Atlantic Airport, but also greatly simplifies transient operations throughout the region. "This is certainly a positive sign and a step in the right direction," commented Melissa Bailey, AOPA's vice president of airspace and regulatory and certification policy. "We are hopeful that this is an indication that other security TFRs throughout the nation will be reduced or eliminated." The new Camp David notam, which went into effect just before midnight on the 24th, reduced the size of the TFR to 5 nm while retaining the 12,500-foot ceiling.


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