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Garmin provides software fix for handheld GPS devicesGarmin provides software fix for handheld GPS devices

<BR><SPAN class=twodeck>GPS Pilot III, GPS 195 units affected</SPAN><BR><SPAN class=twodeck>GPS Pilot III, GPS 195 units affected</SPAN>

Pilots using Garmin's GPS Pilot III or GPS 195 handheld models should visit the Garmin Web site soon for a fix to an unexpected problem. Pilots using the latest database update for the two units had reported the units would "hang" or "lock up" if the user tried to enter a waypoint beginning with the characters "X," "Y," or "Z."

AOPA members alerted the association about the problem.

AOPA's Aviation Services contacted Garmin to verify they knew of the problem and were working on a fix.

Garmin says the problem was due to an increase in the number of intersections to the database for the latest update, many of which are VFR waypoints. The database was more information than the operating system for the Pilot III and the 195 could handle. Garmin has now fixed that.

Users visiting the Garmin Web site for the update should be sure to refresh their browser screens. The operating system fixes for both the GPS Pilot III and the GPS 195 should be dated April 24, 2002.


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