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Vigilance being urged for the nation's pilotsVigilance being urged for the nation's pilots

Security officials are advising Americans to remain vigilant for activities that could lead to terrorist attacks. AOPA first reported the government's concerns on July 3, following conversations with the Transportation Security Administration. Last Friday, the government made public the concern that terrorists might turn to GA aircraft. While this is not a new concern, AOPA members can serve an important role by remaining alert for suspicious activities at an airport or in flight. Individuals observing anything suspicious should report it to an FBI field office or local law enforcement officials. For flight schools, flying clubs, and others renting aircraft, the FAA has a series of suggestions that are useful for aircraft security.

"Every pilot is part of a larger aviation community, and we need to protect our airports like we watch our own homes and neighborhoods," said Phil Boyer, AOPA president. "We ask all our members to help the government to make sure our airports are safe."


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