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AOPA tells TSA and FAA that sporting event notam unclearAOPA tells TSA and FAA that sporting event notam unclear

In letters to both the Federal Aviation Administration and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), AOPA President Phil Boyer said that the current sporting event, open-air assembly "blanket notam" is difficult, if not impossible, for both pilots and the FAA to understand and follow. "While it is preferable that the notam be withdrawn, if the concept is to be retained for some period, it must be revised," Boyer said.

In an effort to assist the FAA in providing clear, concise information to pilots on "major sporting events," AOPA has worked with representatives from professional and collegiate sporting associations to develop language revising the temporary flight restriction (TFR) notam. A key component of the proposed revisions would be that aircraft at nontowered airports would be able to continue to operate even if the airport were located in the TFR area. Another suggested revision would change the vague language concerning "open-air assembly" to reflect crowd sizes of 30,000 people or more.


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