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California Legislative AlertCalifornia Legislative Alert

California Legislative Alert

California Gov. Gray Davis has proposed drastic budget cuts that include transferring nearly $5.2 million from the state's aeronautics account to the general fund. In May, $6 million was transferred from the aeronautics account. The aeronautics account funds nearly all of the state's airport improvement projects, which, under the most recent cut, would be virtually eliminated. The majority of the funds in the aeronautics account are derived from state sales tax on aircraft fuel purchases. Every time you fuel up your aircraft, you are paying money into this account. Shouldn't that money be used to support aviation and airports?

Programs that would be virtually eliminated include:

  • Annual $10,000 grants to airports for expenditures such as maintenance, salaries, and local match for federal grants
  • The local match program, which provides assistance to communities to meet the local match requirement for federal airport improvement grants
  • The state grant program for acquisition and development projects
  • In addition, the state will have a difficult time meeting its match of federal grants for airport improvement projects.

AOPA has written to the leaders of the Assembly and the Senate's budget committees opposing this proposed transfer of funds. AOPA encourages all California members to contact their state representatives. Let them know that the proposed budget cut would negatively impact the airport in your community.

December 19, 2002

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