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Chicago TFR meeting outcome positiveChicago TFR meeting outcome positive

FAA and industry partner to develop a pilot awareness programFAA and industry partner to develop a pilot awareness program

Since September 11, flight restrictions in the airspace over downtown Chicago have remained in place based on requests from Chicago city officials—despite the lack of any credible threat. These are set to expire on April 2. The FAA has partnered with AOPA and other industry representatives to launch a campaign aimed at increasing pilot awareness through an educational initiative, to be launched in the coming weeks, urging pilots to "do the right thing" by:

  • Avoid flying over downtown Chicago
  • Fly the published VFR routes
  • Know your regulations (i.e., minimum safe altitudes, FAR 91.119)
  • Check notams always!
  • Use current/appropriate charts
  • Turn on your lights
  • If not in contact with ATC, monitor the guard frequency on 121.5
  • Share the message—spread the word
  • Why: to be PROACTIVE—be aware of public perception—"Abuse the airspace, lose the airspace"

"The airspace issue in Chicago reminds us that, now more than ever, general aviation pilots need to be mindful of the public's perception and the ways that we (general aviation) can be good citizens," said AOPA President Phil Boyer.


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