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Larger TFR reinstated for Friday's planned shuttle launchLarger TFR reinstated for Friday's planned shuttle launch

The FAA has issued another new notice to airmen prohibiting flight operations in the vicinity of Cape Canaveral for Friday's rescheduled shuttle launch (see IFR and VFR graphics). The new notam again expands the size of the no-fly area. Effective from 2118 local today through 0954 Friday morning, notam 2/1761 establishes a 30-nm-radius TFR "no fly" zone around the launch pad from the surface to FL180, with a less restrictive area between 30 and 40 nm. No Part 91 general aviation and no VFR operations are permitted within the 30-nm "ring," while flights in the 30-40 nm area require communications with ATC and an assigned transponder code. This restriction will impact operations at 10 public-use airports, including: New Smyrna Beach (EVB), Massey (X50), Sanford (SFB), Orlando Executive (ORL), Daytona Beach International (DAB), Merritt Island (COI), Space Coast Regional (TIX), Dunn (X21), Orlando International (MCO), and Melbourne International (MLB). The FAA also issued notam 2/1767 that replaces 2/1612 ( see graphic). Similar to the last launch, a 30-nm arc centered at the launch complex defines the boundary of the restricted airspace to the east. The notam airspace will encompass restricted areas R2932, R2933, R2934, and portions of warning areas W497A, W158A and W158C. Flight operations within this airspace are prohibited from the surface to unlimited and will remain in effect from 0251 local Friday morning until Saturday at 0854. Pilots are advised to contact St. Petersburg Flight Service Station prior to operating in the vicinity of this airspace.


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