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AOPA calls on Missouri legislators to preserve state aviation trust fundAOPA calls on Missouri legislators to preserve state aviation trust fund

AOPA is encouraging the Missouri legislature to act on a bill that would preserve the Missouri Aviation Trust Fund. "This is probably one of the most critical pieces of legislation in the past decade that ensures the continued financial assistance to Missouri airports," said AOPA Midwest Regional Representative Bob Dickens.

In late March, the Missouri Senate approved Senate Bill 970 to grant a five-year extension for depositing jet fuel sales tax revenues into the trust fund. Dedicated tax deposits to the aviation trust fund are currently set to expire at the end of 2003. Senate Bill 970 still needs the approval of the General Assembly before it can go to the governor for his signature.

Revenue from the jet fuel taxes make up over 90 percent of the money in the trust fund, which is used to fund airport improvement projects across the state. "Preserving the fuel tax money is essential to preserving the trust fund," Dickens said.

The Missouri legislature is back in session on April 2. AOPA members in Missouri are urged contact their individual state representatives to support the swift passage of Senate Bill 970.


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