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AOPA tells FAA cockpit security doors bad idea for small aircraftAOPA tells FAA cockpit security doors bad idea for small aircraft

AOPA told the FAA that cockpit dividers and other security measures to restrict access to flight controls are not good ideas for general aviation. The association replied to an FAA request for information required by the Aviation and Transportation Security Act for a small aircraft cockpit in-flight security feasibility study. AOPA recommended against mandatory modifications to restrict cockpit and flight-control access in small airplanes.

"These retrofits are unnecessary and would severely curtail the multi-mission capability of small airplanes that is the lifeblood of most small general aviation businesses," said Lance Nuckolls, AOPA director of regulation and certification policy. "In addition, such modifications will negatively impact safety by impeding cockpit or aircraft egress in the event of an accident or emergency."


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