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AOPA Online simplifies national security notamsAOPA Online simplifies national security notams

<BR><SPAN class=twodeck>New links make them easier to find and interpret</SPAN><BR><SPAN class=twodeck>New links make them easier to find and interpret</SPAN>

Since September 11, AOPA has worked tirelessly to eliminate airspace restrictions for its members. However, several national security temporary flight restrictions remain in effect throughout the country.

Since the attacks, AOPA has maintained an online list of notams establishing the national security TFRs. While efforts to end these restrictions continue, AOPA Online has enhanced the notam list, allowing members to easily locate restrictions in their state using topical links at the top of the page. In addition, many of the TFRs are depicted graphically along with a "plain language" interpretation.

The FAA has reissued special security notams 1/3355, 1/3356, and 1/3359 and reissued them under the following new notam numbers: 2/5319, 2/5128, and 2/5167. There are no substantive changes to the notams, and according to the FAA, this was done for administrative purposes only. ALL current waivers issued under the previous notam numbers are still valid, and operators are authorized to continue operating consistent with waiver requirements.

Several non-security TFR notams are also included, such as notams for shuttle launches.

Please note the list is intended as an aid to pilots. While it may be very useful to understanding areas where a pilot should not go, the list does not constitute an official briefing. It remains the pilot's responsibility to obtain official notam information prior to each flight.


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