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Colorado lawmakers honor AOPA for restoring GAColorado lawmakers honor AOPA for restoring GA

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(Left to right) Corinne Nystrom, president, Colorado Airport Operators Association; Greg Feith, president of the Colorado General Aviation Council; Colo. Rep. Alice Borodkin; Dennis Heap, past president of the Colorado Airport Operators Association; Phil Boyer; Colo. Senator Lewis H. Entz; Walt Barbo, president, Colorado Pilots Association; Gary Toby, former Colo. CAP Wing Commander and legislative chairman for the Colorado Pilots Association; and Colo. Rep. Al White.

Members of Colorado's state legislature last week honored AOPA President Phil Boyer for his efforts on behalf of general aviation since the September 11 terrorist attacks. They presented him with a resolution [ text | PDF], passed earlier this year, that "commend(s) AOPA President Phil Boyer for his relentless defense of general aviation in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks and his success in returning general aviation to the skies of Colorado and the nation."

"This award is an honor and high praise for the staff at AOPA, who worked so long and hard in the wake of the attacks, on behalf of our members and all general aviation pilots," said Boyer.

State Rep. Alice Borodkin (D-10th Dist.) and State Sen. Lewis Entz (R-5th Dist. and past winner of the AOPA Joseph B. Hartranft Award) guided the resolution through the House and Senate respectively, with help from AOPA regional representative Bill Hamilton.

The resolution also makes special note of the contributions Colorado's 16,000 pilots make to the state's economy, helping to generate 8,000 jobs and more than half a billion dollars in economic activity.


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