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NASA research team seeks GA pilots' helpNASA research team seeks GA pilots' help

Okay, pilots, here's your chance to tell one part of government what you think about in-cockpit datalink services.

A team of researchers from two Virginia universities is working with NASA to determine what pilots want and need in an in-flight datalink environment. They have created a Web site where pilots may take part in the survey.

"This is one opportunity for GA pilots to have ground-floor input into emerging datalink technology. We expect the results to validate our own in-house research," said AOPA Director of Advanced Technology Randy Kenagy. "We encourage interested pilots to look at the survey."

If you choose to take part, you'll be asked for some background information on your aeronautical experience, and then each question twice, to determine what you'd like to see and what you'd prefer not to see included in a datalink that includes weather information service, cockpit display of traffic, and short messaging services.


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