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FAA expands Camp David TFR, AOPA questions needFAA expands Camp David TFR, AOPA questions need

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The FAA will expand the Camp David (Maryland) temporary flight restriction area this weekend, extending the TFR boundaries over the Mid-Atlantic Soaring Center (W73) in Pennsylvania and to within two nautical miles of the Hagerstown (Maryland) airport (HGR), and four miles of busy Frederick Municipal Airport (FDK) and the Gettysburg airport (W05). The expanded TFR extends for a 10-nm radius around the center of the P-40 prohibited area and up to 18,000 feet. The TFR will be effective from 4 p.m. local time Friday, November 8, through 4 p.m. Sunday.

"AOPA is extremely disappointed by this sudden increase to the current airspace restrictions," said Andy Cebula, AOPA senior vice president of government and technical affairs. "There has been no change announced in the security threat level, no explanation as to why a TFR that has provided adequate protection for the last six months now needs to be expanded."

The new TFR continues the 5-nm prohibited area around Camp David but extends the ceiling from 12,500 to 18,000 feet. In the area from five to 10 miles from the center of P-40, flight operations will require an IFR or VFR flight plan. Pilots must have an assigned transponder code and maintain communications with air traffic control. Flights within the 5-10 mile ring may be for ingress and egress only from airports. Flight training and practice instrument approaches are not permitted.

The TFR impacts seven airports in Maryland and Pennsylvania including:

  • Mid-Atlantic Soaring Center Airport
  • Harp Airport
  • Bittner Whitsel Airport
  • National Emergency Training Center Heliport
  • Bell Airport
  • Karlindo Airport
  • Laura's Landing Airport

The TFR boundaries will extend close to several busy general aviation airports including FDK, Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport (MRB), and Carroll County Regional Airport (DMW).


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