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Washington, D.C., special flight restrictionWashington, D.C., special flight restriction

Washington, D.C., special flight restriction

Effective at 1700 Eastern (September 10, 2002) until 1800 Eastern (September 12, 2002): All waivers to the DCA Special Flight Rules Area for the 15-nm radius of the DCA VOR surface to but not including FL180 are rescinded, except for scheduled air carrier flights in and out of DCA, and transitioning to/from BWI/IAD; military, law enforcement, and medevac aircraft performing lifesaving missions only. Medevac flights must maintain two-way radio contact with ATC.

All law enforcement and medevac aircraft must monitor 121.5/243.0 while airborne within the flight restricted area. When alerted of operation necessity all aircraft must land immediately, until advised that the need no longer exists.

All other aircraft (IFR/VFR) and air taxi (Tango November call signs) are prohibited from entering the DCA Special Flight Rules Area within a 15-nm radius of the DCA VOR.

September 11, 2002

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