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Sport pilot rule inching forwardSport pilot rule inching forward

While many pilots await the rule that will allow them to fly a Cub, Champ, or other small (1,232 pounds or less) single-engine airplane without a third class medical certificate as a sport pilot, an industry workgroup has taken a small step toward finalizing standards for newly manufactured light sport airplanes. The FAA says the final rule on sport pilot/light sport aircraft may be ready for publication as soon as mid-2003.

In comments this summer on the proposed rule, AOPA recognized that development of the aircraft standards may take significantly longer than promulgation of the rule and suggested that the agency implement the airmen portion of the rule as soon as possible. "AOPA members continue to look forward to flying small single-engine airplanes as a sport pilot without a third class medical," said Andrew Werking, associate director of regulatory and certification policy. Meanwhile, AOPA continues to work with others in the aviation industry through the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) working group to develop the sport aircraft standards.


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