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Congress tells TSA not to sacrifice transportation for homeland defenseCongress tells TSA not to sacrifice transportation for homeland defense

Congressman Bobby Scott (D-Va.) emphasized concerns key to general aviation in Tuesday's hearing held by the House subcommittee on crime, terrorism, and homeland security. He directly asked Transportation Security Administration chief John Magaw to describe how TSA's original mission, to ensure safe and efficient transportation systems, will not be lost in the move to the Department of Homeland Security.

Other members of Congress stated their desire that the new Homeland Security Department's efforts remained focused on commercial airline and airport security.

"We are continuing working with TSA, the Department of Transportation, and Congress to be certain sensible precautions for security are devised and implemented without sacrificing the nation's general aviation and transportation needs," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "This is important whether TSA is under Transportation or the new Homeland Defense Department."

Congressional hearings continue on the President's request for centralizing the federal government's security and domestic defense agencies under a new Department of Homeland Defense.


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