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Sen. Inhofe files legislation to provide economic relief for GA businessesSen. Inhofe files legislation to provide economic relief for GA businesses

AOPA member Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) filed an amendment last week to the Senate bill to create a Department of Homeland Security that would provide economic relief for those general aviation businesses still reeling from substantial economic injury as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Senator Inhofe's amendment would also require the government to justify airspace restrictions in the instance of another shutdown, and to provide regular updates to the public on when airspace would be reopened.

Inhofe's senior staff has told AOPA that it is unknown when the amendment will be considered on the floor. Senator Inhofe's amendment is one of nearly 160 amendments the Senate must consider before voting on final passage of the bill.

"Senator Inhofe's amendment revives GA relief efforts in Congress," said AOPA President Phil Boyer, adding that "AOPA will continue to show our support for Senator Inhofe in his relentless efforts to secure GA relief funding."

The Senate will continue work on the bill in the coming week, and votes are expected soon on several controversial issues that have slowed the bill's process like labor provisions and a September 11th commission to investigate the details of the tragic event.


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