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FAA says airport in violation when discriminating against some aircraftFAA says airport in violation when discriminating against some aircraft

The FAA ruled yesterday that banning certain aircraft operations at the Naples, Florida, airport violates federal grant obligations of an airport, which prohibits discriminating against any category or class of aircraft. The Naples Airport Authority put the ban against stage 2 aircraft in place in November 2000. Grant obligations are a set of requirements placed on an airport when it accepts federal airport development funds. The determination orders that unless and until the airport authority ceases enforcement or removes the restriction, the airport is no longer eligible to receive federal Airport Improvement Program funds.

"This is a landmark ruling by the FAA," said Phil Boyer, AOPA president. When airports accept federal funds, they are required to protect access to the airport. "We applaud the FAA's actions and the agency's aggressive efforts to enforce federal laws."


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