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AOPA wins small concession on Kennebunkport TFRAOPA wins small concession on Kennebunkport TFR

AOPA, the FAA, and the airport management at Biddeford Municipal Airport (B19) in Maine have won a small concession from security officials responsible for protecting the President. Aircraft based at Biddeford will be allowed to operate as long as pilots get clearance from the Secret Service at least one hour prior to the flight.

Biddeford is located 7.6 nm from the center of a 30-nm-radius temporary flight restriction around the first President Bush's Kennebunkport home. Although operating from within the 0-10 nm "no-fly" ring, pilots based at the airport who have received Secret Service clearance will be allowed to operate under the same restrictions imposed in the 10-30 nm ring. That is, operations are for ingress or egress only, and pilots must be on an active IFR or VFR flight plan, must use a discrete, air traffic control-assigned transponder code, and must be in constant radio contact with ATC.

[See graphic depictions of arrival and departure routes.]


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