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Take a dream ride in a beautiful place in Waco drawingTake a dream ride in a beautiful place in Waco drawing

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AOPA Editor in Chief Tom Haines (right) with
Red Rock Biplanes instructor Mike Potts.
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Spectacular Red Rock vistas are a daily
sight for those flying Wacos out of Sedona.
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The Sedona airport sits on a mesa
among the spectacular Southwest scenery.

Winners of AOPA's monthly Waco Sweepstakes drawings will soon be headed to scenic Sedona, Arizona, for their day-long Waco Experience. Each month AOPA draws the name of a winner who gets an all-expenses-paid trip to experience one of these beautiful classic airplanes. Many winners starting later this month will be experiencing their rides with Red Rock Biplanes out of Sedona. AOPA Pilot Editor in Chief Tom Haines this week visited Red Rock Biplanes and flew one of the company's three Classic YMF-5 Wacos with flight instructor Mike Potts. Potts has 8,000 hours in Wacos and certainly knows how to put the airplane through its paces. Flying such a classic airplane is thrill enough, but combine the flight experience with the spectacular scenery around Sedona and the clear blue skies of the Southwest, and you have an experience that will always be memorable. The winners walk away from the experience not only with a few hours of logged Waco time and the memories of such a sojourn, but a leather flight jacket and a video of the event taken from the Waco's on-board video cameras. Look for reports in a few weeks from the sweepstakes winners themselves. For more information, see AOPA Online and Red Rock Biplanes.

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