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TFR notam issued for Pres. Bush July 4 trip to Dayton, OhioTFR notam issued for Pres. Bush July 4 trip to Dayton, Ohio

Pilots operating in west central Ohio need to pay extra attention to notams on Friday, the Fourth of July. A 30-nm-radius TFR will be in effect around Dayton for about two hours while President Bush is visiting Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The TFR extends up to but not including 18,000 feet. The TFR is centered on the VOR (FFO) at Wright-Patterson AFB and will be in effect from 1125 local until 1315 local on Independence Day, Friday, July 4, 2003.

All aircraft operations within a 0-10 nm radius are prohibited, except as described in the notam.

Aircraft operating within a 10-30 nm radius must be on an active IFR or VFR flight plan, must be in constant radio contact with air traffic control (ATC), and must be transmitting a discrete ATC-assigned transponder code. All aircraft operations are limited to aircraft arriving or departing local airfields, but ATC may authorize transit operations. Aircraft may not loiter.

AOPA continues to lobby for more reasonably sized presidential-movement TFRs, absent a specific and credible threat. The association maintains almost daily contact with the FAA, the Transportation Security Administration, and security officials responsible for the President's security.

Airports impacted

Two dozen airports are impacted.

Barnhart Memorial Airport (3OH0), Dayton Transportation Center Heliport (5D7), Greene County-Lewis A. Jackson Regional (I19), Springfield, Beckley Municipal (SGH), and James M. Cox Dayton International (DAY) airports fall within the 0-10 nm ring and will effectively be closed to general aviation traffic for the duration of the TFR.

Moraine Air Park (I73), Waco Field (1WF), Dayton-New-Lebanon (I44), Troy Skypark (37I), Mad River Inc. (I54), Dayton-Wright Brothers (MGY), Phillipsburg (3I7), Bloom (14I), Brookville Air-Park (I62), Red Stewart Airfield (40I), Clinton Field (I66), Grimes Field (I74), Weller (38I), Lebanon-Warren Co. (I68), Hook Field Municipal (MWO), Piqua (I17), Sidney Municipal (I12), Airborne Airpark (ILN), Madison County (UYF), and Hollister Field (2B6) airports all fall within the 10-30 nm ring and will need to follow the flight plan/"squawk-and-talk" rules outlined in the notam.


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