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More of Congress learns about AOPA's opposition to 'pilot insecurity' ruleMore of Congress learns about AOPA's opposition to 'pilot insecurity' rule

More members of Congress are learning about AOPA's opposition to TSA's "pilot insecurity" rule, following publication of a story in CQ Today, which is highly influential on Capitol Hill. In the story headlined "Young and Loy clash over TSA's power to ground pilots," CQ reporter Peter Cohn writes that House Transportation Chairman Don Young (R-Alaska) thinks TSA "went too far when it gave itself the power to declare any pilot a security risk and revoke said pilot's license without disclosing the evidence."

AOPA President Phil Boyer had told Chairman Young about the rule Tuesday. CQ reports Young has called TSA chief Adm. James M. Loy to express his concerns. And Young threatens to raise the issue in upcoming legislation to continue FAA operations.

The article quotes Boyer saying, "We cannot, we will not, give up our basic rights to protect us from some vague and secret 'threat.'"

[See also AOPA's regulatory brief and the final rules: Ineligibility for an Airman Certificate Based on Security Grounds ( text | PDF); Threat Assessments Regarding Alien Holders of, and Applicants for, FAA Certificates ( text | PDF); and Threat Assessments Regarding Citizens of the United States Who Hold or Apply for FAA Certificates ( text | PDF).]


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