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New notam permits traffic pattern operations in Washington ADIZNew notam permits traffic pattern operations in Washington ADIZ

The FAA late this afternoon responded to AOPA safety and operational concerns over the implementation of the ADIZ surrounding Washington by issuing notam 7/0206. The revised notam addresses safety concerns posed by pilots by allowing frequency changes to the common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF) to "self-announce" intentions when operating in the traffic pattern. The revised language states that pilots conducting traffic-pattern operations will be exempt from the ATC communication requirement provided they monitor the airport CTAF. However, pilots will still be required to file and activate a flight plan and be required to "squawk" a discrete transponder beacon code. "This notam addresses a critical safety concern of pilots," reported Heidi Williams, manager of air traffic. "We immediately responded by working with the FAA to have the notam language revised."


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