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FAA proposes rule change to allow GA use of enhanced vision technologyFAA proposes rule change to allow GA use of enhanced vision technology

The FAA is proposing new rules to allow pilots to use enhanced flight vision systems (EFVS) to assist them in identifying required visual references during an instrument approach. EFVS enhances a pilot's ability to identify ground references (such as runways, runway approach features, buildings, and terrain) in low-visibility conditions by using airframe-mounted infrared cameras or sensors, which send an enhanced forward visual image to a "heads-up" cockpit display. While mostly used in "high-end" general aviation aircraft, the technology can be adapted to the small GA cockpit. AOPA is currently reviewing this proposal with an eye toward the development of future lower cost "vision" technology. The FAA published the proposed rule in the Federal Register on February 10, 2003. For more information, see the NPRM [ text | PDF].


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